22 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Health Nut In Your Life!

The Holidays are here! I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a list of gift ideas for the health advocate in your life (or yourself!) 😉

  1. Hydrate Spark Smart Water Bottle
    1. Not only does this water bottle track your water using an app, it also glows to remind you it’s time to drink more water! You can set custom intervals of your choosing for reminders!
  2. TriggerPOINT Grid Foam Roller
    1. The gift that keeps on giving (and hurting!) Every fitness advocate needs this simple recovery tool in their life. The trigger point functionality makes it especially easy to hit those sore muscles!
  3. Junk Head Bands
    1. Fashionable AND functional – what more can I say?!
  4. Colorfulkoala Yoga Pants 
    1. Easily the most comfortable AND affordable yoga pants out there! My favorites have the pocket on the side for your phone!
  5. Oil Diffuser
    1. Whether you’re looking to feel energized, calm, or just relaxed like you’re at the spa, a diffuser is a must have! Organic essential oils are also better than the chemical-ridden cheap candles at most stores!
  6. Theragun Massage Gun
    1. O-M-G. This baby has some serious power! If you or a loved one is big into working out, you know how tight your muscles can get. Blast away that lactic acid with this precision massage gun. It’s pricey, but you wont regret it.
  7. Whoop
    1. Obviously the Whoop is going to be on this list! Easily my favorite fitness tracker on the market. In depth sleep, recovery, and strain scores make this the go-to wearable. Plus, it basically told me I had COVID and that’s a win for me!
  8. Air fryer
    1. All hail the easiest kitchen appliance to ever hit the shelves. Literally throw in meat, veggies, fries, etc and leave it be! It will give you that crispy texture you’re looking for, minus all the grease!
  9. Instapot 
    1. Another game-changer for healthy cooking. I can meal prep 5-6 chicken breasts, FROZEN, in 13 minutes. It also has a slow cooker function, so get ready for soups, chilis, roasts, and more!
  10. Jade Gua Sha Stone
    1. My new favorite tool! I’ve been using this daily to help with puffiness, lymph drainage, and tight facial muscles (especially around the jaw line). Inexpensive with BIG results!
  11. Running Leash 
    1. Need a running buddy? This leash makes it easy to take your furry best friend for run’s with you. Tried and tested – it’s a good one!
  12. Glass Tupperware
    1. Say GOODBYE to plastic forever! (please!). Glass tupperware is essential for heating up leftovers, getting rid of phthalates and BPA in plastic. Overall, it’s the healthier choice and necessary for all meal preppers and non-meal preppers!
  13. The Five Minute Journal
    1. Start and end your day with gratitude! This little journal packs a punch when it comes to mental wellness! List what you’re grateful for, as well as your goals for the day, and how to achieve them.
  14. Mini Band Exercise Bands
    1. I’ve tried a few bands in my day and I keep reverting back to these little babies. Simple, effective, and inexpensive! Use these to make any leg day a little more challenging!
  15. Tea drops
    1. HOW CUTE, RIGHT?! Gift your tea-enthusiast these as a fun surprise!
  16. Dutch Oven
    1. Marinate, refrigerate, bake, broil, saute, fry, and serve with this bad boy! The super pan!
  17. Running Shoes
    1. My favorite running shoes I’ve owned. The carbon plates gives you that extra “oomph” to power those long runs!
  18. Foursigmatic Mushroom Coffee
    1. A healthy alternative to coffee. Mushroom coffee gives you the energy and focus you need, without all the jitters.
  19. CBD Capsules/Gummies/Tinctures
    1. CBD has been shown to have a slew of health benefits, ranging from pain relief, anxiety relief, and decreasing inflammation. It can be costly, making this the perfect gift for someone who wouldn’t otherwise buy it for themselves!
  20. Healthy Greens
    1. Make sure to get in all your micronutrients with this product! As a bonus, it also contains adaptogens, probiotics, and digestive enzymes! Multiple health supplements for the price of one – AND IT TASTES AMAZING! Use code BIGDAY to save some mula, too!
  21. Matcha
    1. My favorite matcha on the go! If you make matcha at home, you know the powder can be messy and needs to be shaken/stirred and can clump up. These little cans make it easy to pack for work, take to-go, and get all the energy without the crash. Use code BIGDAY to save!
  22. Gift Certificate for The Big Day Nutrition
    1. Last but not least, a gift voucher for the ultimate transformation plan! Whether it be nutrition help, exercise plans, or just an all around desire to feel amazing everyday, The Big Day Nutrition can make it happen!

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