Coffee: Yay Or Nay?

Let’s talk about our savior, addiction, our vice, and the most amazing water to exist on planet earth: COFFEE!

This magical elixir gives even the most tired human some pep back into their step, while also helping many health ailments (in moderation of course).


  1. Can help prevent heart disease.
  2. Preventative against colon and rectal cancers.
  3. Helps protect against liver disease and cirrhosis.
  4. Energizes mind and body; fires up metabolism


  1. You should consume no more than 400mg caffeine each day.
  2. Those with anxiety, certain heart conditions, and pregnant woman should avoid coffee due to the caffeine – mild diuretic. Make sure to consume lots of water.
  3. Stains teeth (I drink mine through a straw).

Other Hidden Dangers

Your additions!! Coffee on its own is where the health benefits are. It’s very low calorie, at about 5 calories per 8oz. With all the new fad drinks out there, your simple coffee could turn into a 400 calories treat with over 40g or sugar. Be conscious about what you’re adding to your beverages, even if it’s just milk! You want to eat your calories, not drink them! 🙂

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