Oat, Almond, Coconut…OH MY!

Nuts about nut-milk?!

Now there’s a new kid on the block…introducing OAT MILK! This post will explain what oat milk is and compare it to its counterparts.

How do you milk oats, you ask?  You soak them in water, then pulverize them in a blender, and finally strain them to get the milk. Duhhhh! (Why didn’t I think of that?!)

Now I know what you’re thinking, “We already have regular milk, soy, almond, and all these other kinds of milk…Why oat milk too?” Well, if you’re lactose intolerant or just not into dairy, AND allergic to nuts or sensitive to soy, your options are very limited. Cue: Oat milk!
Lets see how it measures up to other milks nutritionally:
?Oat milk (Califia unsweetened)
– 100 cals
– 7g fat (1g sat fat)
– 100mg sodium
– 9g carbs (1g fiber)
– 2g sugars
– 2g protein
?Almond milk (Almond Breeze unsweetened original)
– 30 cals
– 2.5g fat (0g sat fat)
– 170mg sodium
– 1g carbs (0g fiber)
– 2g sugars
– 2g protein
? Cashew milk (Silk unsweetened)
– 25 cals
– 2g fat (0g sat fat)
– 160mg sodium
– 1g carbs (0g fiber)
– 0g sugars
– 0g protein
?Coconut Milk (Silk unsweetened)
– 40 cals
– 4g fat (3g sat fat)
– 45mg sodium
– 1g carbs (0g fiber)
– 0g sugars
– 0g protein

Final thoughts: Oat milk appears to be higher in nearly every category (except sodium) when compared to other available dairy-free milks. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Being higher in fiber and protein is obviously great, while being higher in calories, fat, and carbs may disrupt one’s weight loss goals. A good time for oat milk would be either before or after a workout for those concerned, as your body will readily use the extra calories and carbs for energy. Oat milk also takes the cake when it comes to metabolism-maintaining vitamin B2, energizing vitamin B12, disease-preventing vitamin D, and DNA-forming phosphorus. The other nut milks do not contain as many vitamins and minerals, but they do contain slightly more calcium. The only real downside I see to oat milk is it contains phosphates, which have been linked to ailments like kidney disease.

Have additional questions about milk? Comment below or shoot me a message!

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