TeamBDN Programs

Tried Everything and EXHAUSTED with dieting? Let's flip the script.

Customized Macros

Custom Macro plans designed specifically for you and your lifestyle.

Customized Fitness Plans

Plans designed for the gym or at home and any level of experience. 


24/6 access for questions, motivation, and so much more.

Community Support

Custom group chats to aid in support, guidance, and motivation!

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Programs

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Our Approach

Our approach is simple.

“Customization Creates Confidence.” We do not believe in cookie cutter plans, fad diets, or crash dieting. We believe in giving you the tools to achieve your goals.

By creating custom-made macronutrient and exercise plans based on your current state and resources, it allows for a smooth transition and an even easier desire to stick to your plan.

Confidence will stem in many ways, but we find these three avenues to be the most popular:

1. You will feel confident and in control knowing you have all the tools necessary to unlock your potential.

2. You will feel confident knowing we will be there 100% of the way fine-tuning your plan, providing motivation, and keeping you accountable.

3. When our time has come to an end, you’ll have the confidence to continue crushing your goals on your own!

Your Big Day is the day you decide you’re done with dieting and you’re ready for a sustainable change!

What are you waiting for?!

How It Works

Schedule A Free 1-On-1

Join me for a free consultation where we will go over your goals and specific needs. Have a big event coming up soon? Not sure what you should be buying in the grocery store? Only have 3 weeks to make a major change? No problem!


Choose A Plan

Based on our consultation, I will recommend a suitable plan for you. The recommended plan will be based on your time frame, specific goals, and current lifestyle habits. One-on-one coaching is the best way to get to your goals.

Reach Your Goals

Depending on the plan or program chosen, there will be check-in’s scheduled where we will go over your progress and concerns. Adjustments will be made at each check-in, if necessary! Whatever you need, I are here.

1-1 Coaching Options:

This is where we shine most and what we predominantly offer. If you’re looking for lasting change, a 1-on-1 coaching plan is the BEST option for you. Included in out coaching plans:

  • Custom Macro Plan
  • Custom Exercise Plan
  • Weekly Remote Check-ins
  • 24/6 Coaching
  • Support Group
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom Calls

You can also expect supplement recommendations if needed, lab work interpretations, protocols for underlying health issues if needed, plus resources and guides to help you.


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