Should I Workout When I’m Sick?!

There’s nothing worse than getting sick and being stuck in house bedridden. If you know me, you know this is ABSOLUTE TORTURE. When you’re finally feeling a bit better, does that mean you should go to the gym and workout? Continue reading to find out!

When we’re sick, our body is using all of its resources to fight the virus or bacteria at fault. This is why we spike fevers as a defense mechanism because viruses can’t handle the heat. Exercising can help keep a body healthy and boost the immune system, but there are general guidelines of times when you should and should NOT exercise:

Head cold: Generally if all of your symptoms are above the neck, it is safe to resume moderate exercise. These symptoms include a runny or stuffy nose, earache, and mild sore throat. Think allergies and upper respiratory infections.

Severe coughing/chest congestion: If your symptoms are below the neck, it’s advised to skip the gym. A few coughs here and there is fine, but severe bouts of coughing attacks and productive sputum are signs of a more serious illness which requires more rest. Think pneumonia and bronchitis.

Stomach bug: nausea, vomiting, and persistent diarrhea are all signs and symptoms of a stomach bug. These symptoms can already lead to dehydration, so working out will only make it worse. Skip the gym these days.

Fever: whether it’s a cold or a stomach bug, if you have a fever, stay home. Fever’s also induce dehydration which will be made worse with exercise. Drink plenty of fluids and rest.

Body ache’s & Fatigue: no-go. If you’re achy all over and feel lethargic, rest is your best friend.

That should cover it as far as your most general cold and flu symptoms! If you have any additional questions, shoot me a message!

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