We all love it, but here's how to eat it while staying on track!


One thing I love doing is taking one person’s question or concern and turning it into a post because it’s likely that others wonder this same question! Today’s post focuses on sushi and how you can enjoy your favorite meal without all the guilt!

First things first, lets learn what to avoid:

  1. No heavy sauces like spicy mayo (I’m sorry )
  2. Stay away from fried items, like anything tempura or “crunchy”
  3. Just say NO to that cream cheese in that J&B roll
  4. Steamed > fried dumplings or gyoza
  5. Go easy on the soy sauce and eel sauce. Excess sodium will have your pants fitting extra tight and leave you feeling bloated

Now for the fun! Here are some of my go-to’s for not turning your sushi night out into an all out cheat-fest:

  1. Edamame – steamed soybeans packed with nutrients and protein!
  2. Ginger salad and Miso soup
  3. Seaweed salad – densely packed with minerals and it’s low cal!
  4. Sashimi – raw fish. All the nutrients packed into a meal, carb-free!
  5. Any fish roll with veggies, with brown rice instead of white. I also like to sub out the rice completely for cucumber rolls or rice paper
  6. Tataki – seared fish with radish. Low calorie and protein-packed.

And there you have it! Stick to these basic rules while dining out and you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself without tipping the scale.

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