Why I Ditched My Whoop For A Day

Why I ditched my @whoop for the day…

Let me start out by saying I’m OBSESSED with my whoop strap. I love seeing how my body performs, recovers, and what my quality of sleep is. As a gym rat and a nerd, body analytics are my JAM!

I’ve been wearing it EVERY SINGLE DAY since I got it, which was Christmas Day 2019. Up until this week I haven’t had an issue, but lately I’ve been obsessed in a bad way, and I’ve been over-analyzing all of my numbers. This last week I’ve been super anxious and stressed, which has a negative impact on sleep, recovery, and HRV (for those who have the strap). I’ve been consistently waking up with low recoveries and then mentally berating myself for it, which FYI, doesn’t help the situation.

After waking up with a 30% red recovery yesterday, I decided I needed a detox day from my beloved strap. Without it, I couldn’t constantly check to see my calorie burn, my strain, or if my HR was high enough; I could just live my life and enjoy exercise for exercise.

Well, I’m ecstatic to report that I put it back on before bed last night and woke up with a 96% recovery rate #inthegreen ?

It’s important to recognize when health and fitness become unhealthy. Yes, even us “professionals” are just like you- we over-analyze and push ourselves beyond healthy limits.

I HIGHLY recommend detox days from anything that can be attention-seeking or distracting. Give yourself a break every once in awhile and your soul will thank you 

PS. May is Mental Health Awareness month- perfect time to practice this!

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